Monday, June 30, 2014

Preschool July 2014: Week 1

Miss O is doing very well with Progressive Phonics. We started with the Alphabetti series, reading them on the computer and print out an activity or two that goes with it. I'm kind of skipping over the "ball and stick" letter formations....just letting her write the letter how she thinks she can and we sign it as well. Rhyme a She is great with associations. The rhymes come with a set of cards where you finish the rhyme, and she will choose the right one based on the information, not the word sound. We'll keep trying.

This week the library is doing "hoofs, fins and wings" so maybe we can find something to go along with that.

Working with Miss Em on body parts because she seems interested. She knows where her toes, belly button, hair, and nose are. She can point out my eye, but points to her own ear when asked about her eye.