Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Adventures of Brooklet and the Magical Monkey Pants Review & Giveaway

Product: The Adventures of Brooklet and the Magical Monkey Pants

Company/Creator: Magical Books

Where to Buy: Amazon

Recommend?: Yes

Book description: Brooklet doesn’t want to go to bed she just wants to wear her monkey pants! Lu Lu, her brown-eyed dog, watches as she ignores Mother’s instructions. When suddenly she is whisked into the night by a confused jay bird, starting a great adventure filled with spectacular forest creatures, enchanting music, and the royal monkey family who believes she has finally returned to them. All the while her monkey pants seem to be transforming her into a real monkey! Scared and missing her family, all she wants to do is get back home! Adventures of Brooklet and the Magical Monkey Pants is a fun and unique fantasy about a defiant little girl and her discovery of the power her new mysterious magical monkey pants, or was it all just a dream?

This was a great read for us. Naturally, Miss O does not like going to bed just like Brooklet. Brooklet had a very long, strange night away from her mother and when it was over she vowed to behave. I don't think my girls will be any easier to get to bed after reading this, haha, but it is a cute story nonetheless!

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I received a copy of this ebook in exchange for my honest review via All opinions are my own. #monkeypants #promotion