Friday, August 29, 2014

Propresser Garlic Press #Review

Product: Propresser Garlic Press

Company/Creator: Orblue

Where to Buy: Amazon

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Recommend?: Yes

Once again, I *love* stainless steel in the kitchen. So much more efficient than plastics, sturdy, and maintenance is minimal. I know how to pop and mince garlic with my knife, that's usually my go to method, but a garlic press is quicker. Cleaning is pretty easy, but there's a small slit that garlic was getting trapped in. I love that their is a separated sieve on the press, that helps immensely with cleaning.

Having a garlic press is FANTASTIC for raw meals or raw additions to hot meals. Raw garlic has some great health benefits and the texture after pressing makes it easy to handle.

You can also pre-press your garlic and store it in the refrigerator once it has been pressed. It will keep for months if properly stored, just like the stuff you can buy in jars from the store!

From the company:

When Quality and Convenience Count, Nothing But Propresser Will Do!

Here are 5 Reasons You're Going to LOVE Your Propresser Garlic Press
1. It easily minces garlic in one press! (No more sore palms or aching fingers like you get with other garlic presses)
2. Large capacity basket! (Press good sized cloves ... even if you leave the peels on)
3. No more stinky "garlic hands"! (Easy to use and even easier to clean so you won't have to worry about smelling like garlic cloves all day)
4. Heavy duty, quality construction! (BUT it weighs in at a svelte 9.3 oz so ANYONE can use it effortlessly)
5. Backed by an INSANE Double Guarantee! (Order yours now because you literally RISK NOTHING!)
Order your own Propresser Garlic Press today. Use it in your kitchen to effortlessly press garlic and add loads of flavor to your favorite dishes.
Once you've seen for yourself how handsome is the Propresser Garlic Press, how easy it is to use, how quickly you can clean it, we're confident you'll have LOADS MORE than 5 reasons to love it!

And if you order today we have a special bonus just for you: The FREE eBook "Home Chef" is a 70-page kitchen management book that reveals how to create your ideal kitchen, great tips if you want to initiate a Chef career and much more. It's yours FREE just for ordering the Propresser Garlic Press.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Natizo Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons #Review & #Giveaway

Product: Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

Company/Creator: Natizo

Where to Buy: Amazon

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Recommend?: Yes

Measure Small Quantity Ingredients Accurately and Easily with These Premium Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons.

Your New Measuring Spoons Will be a Great Addition to Your Kitchen for Years to Come

Strong and Durable So They Will Last and Last In Your Kitchen. Natizo measuring spoons are made from high grade stainless steel for a long life. They don't rust or tarnish and are designed to measure dry, liquid and think ingredients without bending or snapping.

Quick and Easy To Use. The flat spoons edge design makes leveling off ingredients fast and accurate. When you've finished cooking, they are safe to put in the dishwasher for effortless cleaning. The easy to open ring that holds the spoons together allows you to use them individually or as a set.

Accurately Measure Out Your Ingredients. Natizo measuring spoons are accurate and are in the 4 most used measuring spoon sizes: 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon, 1/4 teaspoon.

Measurements Are Engraved Into Each Handle So They Will Never Wear Off and you won't have to guess which spoon is which. US and metric measurements on each spoon so they are perfect to use for US and non-US recipes. 

Convenient to Store. The spoons nest together for compact storage and are held together on a ring so they won't get lost. No need to hunt through the drawer to find them.

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. We want you to be happy with your measuring spoons, so if you aren't completely satisfied we will refund your money, no hassle, no conditions.

Things like this make me miss wearing my chef coat. These spoons are perfect for stuffing into the pocket and running around the kitchen. They're hooked together so no spoons go missing at random. (Yes, I've had this happen regularly.) The ring easily opens up should you want to remove one, but I prefer to just keep them together. Easy to use, easy to clean. No nicks, bends, or stains. The measurement is very clearly engraved into the spoon. The smooth rims of the spoons allow for accurate and quick leveling off. I love stainless steel in the kitchen! I have used a similar set that cost significantly more than the Natizo spoons for the same results. This is a really good deal if you're one that plays around in the kitchen.

Want a better deal? Enter for your chance to win below!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ozeri WeightMaster 400lb Digital Scale #Review

Product: 400lb Digital Bath Scale

Company/Creator: Ozeri

Where to Buy: Amazon

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Recommend?: Yes

The Ozeri WeightMaster 400 lbs Digital Bath Scale with BMI and Weight Differential Detection was designed and engineered in the USA to provide a comprehensive yet simple weight management solution to measure and track your weight. Featuring BMI Measurement and Auto Recognition Technology, the Ozeri WeightMaster weighs up to 400 lbs and displays your BMI (Body Mass Index), a measure of your body fat based on your height and weight. Immediately after displaying your weight and BMI, the scale's Weight Differential Detection displays your "net weight change" from your last weigh-in (L1), the average of your last 3 weigh-ins (L3), and last 7 weigh-ins (L7). By measuring your weight once a day, the Ozeri WeightMaster empowers you to see how your current weight changes day to day, from the last 3 days, and over the previous week. For users who would rather just focus on their weight trend without worrying so much about the actual numbers, the WeightMaster features Color Alert Technology, which displays your weight change in a GREEN illumination for weight loss and RED for weight gain, providing a visual form of intuitive feedback. With built-in intelligence, the WeightMaster requires no complicated synching and spares you the data connection failures common to more expensive wireless and Bluetooth alternatives. Precision engineered and durably made, WeightMaster auto-calibrates with StepOn technology and auto-powers off to preserve battery life. The Ozeri WeightMaster is made out of impact-resistant tempered glass, and equipped with non-slip scratch-resistant feet that won't damage flooring. Ships with batteries included, and backed by Ozeri's 100% Hassle-Free Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • BMI with Weight Differential Detection -- Instantly displays your BMI (Body Mass Index), current weight, and your net weight change since your last weigh-in. It also calculates your net weight change from the average of your last 3 and 7 weigh-ins to help provide a comprehensive understanding of your weight.
  • Accurate Weight Tracking with 7 Day Memory -- By measuring your weight once a day, the Ozeri WeightMaster empowers you to instantly see how your current weight changes from the previous day (e.g. -0.8 lbs), the average of the last 3 days (e.g. -1.1 lbs) and the previous week (e.g. -1.8 lbs), all displayed on an intelligent LCD with color alert technology.
  • Smart LCD with Color Alert Technology -- For users who want to focus on their weight trend instead of the actual numbers, this scale displays your weight change in color, with a GREEN illumination for weight loss and RED for weight gain, providing a visual form of intuitive feedback so you can see if your weight is trending up or down day to day, over the last 3 and 7 days.
  • Immediate and Flawless Results -- Performs and displays all calculations on the scale's LCD without complicated synching or data connection failures common to more expensive wireless and Bluetooth alternatives.
  • Quality Construction, Industry-leading Capacity and Built-in Intelligence -- Weighs up to 400 lbs with auto-recognition technology for 5 unique users at home, at the office, or at the gym. Automatically calibrates with StepOn technology and auto-powers off. Made out of impact-resistant tempered glass, and equipped with non-slip scratch-resistant feet that won't damage flooring.

Ozeri makes some great products, this scale doesn't disappoint. The scale is available in both black and white. I love how it's customizable for up to 5 people. I do, however, wish that there were a way to choose whether you want to gain, lose, or maintain. I am actually trying to gain, so the red when I do is a bit off putting. I know it's untraditional, but there are some of us that struggle keeping weight on just as much as others try to lose it. The BMI feature is nice to have.

The Ozeri WeightMaster is an attractive scale that you won't feel like you have to hide away, but it's also very thin so if you do need or want to put it away, it's easy to do so. Though it's thin, it's also very sturdy. I found the settings easy to figure out, even without reading the instruction manual.

There is a feature for you to weigh yourself daily and it will show your fluctuation...I don't think this is a good thing to do. Daily weighing tends to stress people out. It puts too much expectation on a number that may have many reasons to change on a daily basis.

Overall I really like this scale!  It's easy to use and read.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Apothecary Extracts Australian Tea Tree Oil #Review

Product: Australian Tea Tree Oil

Company/Creator: Apothecary Extracts

Where to Buy: Amazon

Connect: Website

Recommend?: Yes

I first heard about tea tree oil in some post-apocalypse book. I can't recall what it was exactly...but it wasn't a zombie one. Anyway, back to the point. Ever since, I've wondered about this miracle oil. The scent of the product reminded me of a product I used in the past, and per another reviewer I figured out what that scent was-- a Burt's Bees acne solution!

Apothecary Extracts was founded in 2013 because, as consumers, we were tired of not knowing what was in our essential oils. There are so many vendors that dilute their essential oils, or use unsafe extraction processes which contaminate the final product. The only way to be sure what is in your essential oils is to test them. But the tests are expensive so most brands don’t want to pay for this. Or they don’t want you to know the results!We will only carry essential oils that we are 100% confident represent the best quality and potency available. And we’ll show you the test results to back it up. 

Many essential oils are diluted to cut costs. Apothecary Extracts has test to prove their products purity and potency.

Apothecary Extracts sends a free 100 page guide to the email address associated with your order. This little ebook is full of great ideas, such as acne treatments, hair conditioning, ointment, toothpaste, air freshener, dryer sheets, and so much more. One of the most versatile essential oils. Naturally fight Acne, Toenail Fungus, Lice, Yeast Infections, Skin Tags, Cold Sores, Dandruff, Ringworm, Fleas, Warts, Psoriasis, and More.

I am using it with honey and a carrier oil (coconut here) for my face and I plan on making a shampoo and deodorant from the recipe guide soon as well.
I love that I can use it to make my home smell great (in air fresheners and cleaning supplies) without harsh chemicals! I'm slowly but surely moving towards using (mostly) natural products.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Beauty By Shea Raw Shae Butter #Review & #Giveaway

Product: Raw Shea Butter

Company/Creator: Beauty By Shea

Where to Buy: Amazon

Connect: Website

Recommend?: Yes (unless you have nut allergies)

Beauty By Shea 100% Ivory Organic Raw, Unrefined Shea Butter is imported directly from Ghana, and is 100% pure and natural, nothing else added!
Naturally rich in essential vitamins for beautiful skin, Beauty By Shea Organic Shea Butter will nourish your skin with Vitamins A, E, F & K. Use this Beauty By Shea Organic Raw Shea Butter daily and often for beautiful, moisturized, luminous skin.
Raw Organic Unrefined Shea Butter is perfect for topical use on skin and hair, and the perfect essential ingredient for homemade lotions, soaps, conditioners and more!

Beauty By Shea Organic Shea Butter is double filtered, first in Ghana, and then at our US Lab where it is manufactured into our 1lb bricks, packaged into our heat sealed bags, and sent straight to Amazon thereby preserving the natural richness, and purity of the shea butter for our customers.

I was so thrilled to receive this Shea Butter. It came in a cute lined paper bag with a ziploc bag inside holding the brick of Shea. I've been looking to make my own hair and skin care products and this was perfect. With a whole pound, I should be able to make it last a while because it doesn't take a lot. It feels very soft, easy to pull off a small amount and warm it in your hand to apply to your skin. I love the scent of Shea butter and it makes skin so smooth. I have had very dry, cracked feet for ages and I'm positive that will soon be a thing of the past.

I know a lot of products in stores declare they have Shea in them and are therefor fantastic, right? Well, I've read that raw is the only way to go with Shea because the processing kills all of the benefits listed above. It's unlikely to be the case with mass merchandiser products.

Do you want your own Organic Raw Shea Butter? Enter below for a chance to win or purchase on Amazon from the link at the top if you can't wait!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chatterbox Em 15 months

Miss Em is 15.5 months old now. She's about 21 pounds and 32 inches tall. Not quite walking all the time yet, but she can stand a long time and walk about 2 feet. 

She talks so much.

This list was at 13.5 months:
sissy / phia
shut (as in, shut up, peanut)
hi / hello
cheese (the food and for a camera)
binty (binky)

Now we've added:
Me-mutt (peanut)
Neening (needs context...swinging or raining)
Hot dog
Bebebutt (belly button)
Show (tv)
Buppies (bubble guppies)

That's probably not everything but it's all I can think of right now. It's just crazy.
The nurse practitioner we saw at her appointment wanted us to try reintroducing dairy a little at a time. She has done ok with very small amounts. She stills poops shortly after, but it doesn't smell so rancid and there's no mucous. It makes her happy to have pizza.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Barefaced Dead Sea Mud Mask #Review

Product: Dead Sea Mud Mask

Company/Creator: Bearfaced Skincare

Where to Buy: Amazon

Connect: WebsiteFacebook

Recommend?: Yes (unless you have sensitive skin or do not like earthy scents)

Bearfaced Skincare wants you to be able to show of your natural beauty and banish bad skin days. They believe in Mother Nature's remedies and using natural products to reach this goal. Their ingredients are all natural and organic and it's gluten free!
Dead Sea mud is full of natural minerals, salts and nutrients, proven to have repairing and healing properties for our skin. Filtered down from the surrounding mountains, layer upon layer of fine salt, sand and clay deposits have developed over centuries to form the black mud of the Dead Sea. Our Barefaced mud has been harvested straight from its bed.

It's a good thing I like earthy scents because this mask certainly has one. And it lingers....and lingers.... It had a different feel than the mud mask I tried previously, little jelly-like and not freezing cold (probably due to less aloe on both accounts). It sets a bit tighter as well. None of those things were a down side for me. I loved how my skin felt afterward.

Always handle with clean, dry hands. Apply the mask to a cleansed face and massage gently, avoiding the eye and lip area. Leave on for 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. For best results use no more than twice a week.
Dead Sea Mud, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Hickory Bark Extract, Non GMO Xanthan Gum, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Water, Kaolin Clay, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Calendula Oil

One of my favorite aspects of Bearfaced Mud mask is that it contains no parabens, alcohols, lanolin or artificial fragrance or color. It doesn't take much to cover your face, a 6oz jar should last 30-40 applications, at once a week that's a fair amount of time. They recommend using it within 6 months of opening and within a year of purchase.

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July Photo Dump

I meant to do this a week ago....things happened. Or they didn't I don't know. Anyway....some highlights from our month.

StickerYou Custom White Vinyl Stickers #Review

Product: Custom White Vinyl Stickers

Company/Creator: StickerYou

Where to Buy: StickerYou

Connect: WebsiteFacebook,

Recommend?: Yes

StickerYou was founded in 2008 by Andrew Witkin, who was inspired during a walk on Los Angeles’ Manhattan Beach when he noticed how stickers played a huge role in the local scene and culture but realized how expensive it was for individuals to create awesome die-cut stickers themselves.
StickerYou provides quality stickers, labels, decals, and temporary tattoos! All designed by you! I was lucky enough to be able to choose 2 sheets worth of White Vinyl Stickers. Initially I was going to get some stickers for my business, but since I am fairly inactive (mostly customs for people I know), I decided to get some fun stickers for the kids instead. I chose some letters for us to do a name project at a later time, some character stickers, even a couple for myself.

The stickers don't tear easily. They would make great labels for school supplies, seals for birthday party bags or wedding stationary, or something to advertise your small business!  I could also definitely see using them for DIY spice jars. 

You can choose from already completed stickers (like you see in my set above, plus a ton more!) or completely customize your own! Upload an image, choose fonts, resize to the nearest 0.1"!

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fresh Fruit Vinegars by Mange #Review

Product: Fresh Fruit Vinegars

Company/Creator: Mange

Where to Buy: Amazon

Connect: Website, Facebook, Twitter

Recommend?: Yes

Mangé is a company set up to provide people with sauces that can turn your home cooking into a gastronomical dish.
Unlike other infused or syrup-based fruit vinegars, Mangé’s fresh fruit vinegars are made using fruit that has been picked at its peak, puréed and preserved in vinegar. The process allows the vinegar to capture the essence of each fruit’s natural flavor, creating a brilliant burst of fruitful flavor that can be added to any appetizer, entrée, dessert or cocktail.

I'm a big fan of vinegar. For health, food, and cleaning. What's so great about it health-wise? Well, it helps with several conditions, including heartburn, blood sugar, and even diabetes. There is some more information here.

I was able to sample the fresh fruit vinegars in two varieties, pear and blackberry. They are all natural, kosher and gluten free, with no preservatives or added color. My first thought for these was vinaigrette for green salads! However, I'm the only one willing to eat that here..but it will happen! The recipe cards I received suggested alcohol. While I'm sure that would be great, not something I have on hand very often. (That blood orangatini available in the recipe dropbox sure sounds yummy! And the cherry flash bomb...ok, I need to focus on the food...and the vinegars I actually have haha.) The food recipe cards were a bit...high end...and more work/money than I'm willing to spend on something my kids probably won't eat. They sound yummy though.There is a fruit salad that sounded like a safe bet, though I had to improvise it a little.

Oranges, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, blackberry and pear vinegars, powdered sugar.

I tasted both off the spoon prior to adding them in the fruit salad. Very palatable, I'm sure the rest of the blackberry with be great with my future salad. Either would also make for a good fruit dip, put a little in some honey sweetened plain yogurt.
I also plan to try the pear in a crockpot chicken meal, where I'd usually use apple cider vinegar.

Did you know? Blackberry vinegar with some honey and sugar is great for a sore throat! (About a tablespoon of the mixture in a cup of hot water.)

These are great and I would definitely advise getting the starter pack!

Help Mange produce their vinegars with their Indiegogo Promotion
Our Problem:  

After our short production cycle in a commercial kitchen we needed to move to co-packers for our vinegars.  Using co-packers doesn't let us control the quality that our vinegars deserve.  We want to be able to source everything local and not have to be at the mercy of co-packers schedule or lack of time for us. Help us get us up and running locally!! 

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Jammy Jams Lullabylooza #Review

Product: Lullabylooza
90s Alternative Goes Lullaby (CD)

Company/Creator: Jammy Jams
Where to Buy: iTunesAmazon, Bandcamp
Connect: WebsiteFacebookTwitter,
Instagram, tumblr, YouTube
Recommend?: Yes!

On Lullabylooza: ’90s Alternative Goes Lullaby,  Jammy Jams stage dives into the world of ’90s grunge and alternative music. Lullabylooza takes that dirty, crunchy sound and transforms it into soothing, relaxing lullabies to help you and your little one drift off to la la land.  From heavy hitters likeSoundgarden, Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots to the more melodic side of alternative like Oasis and The Cure…  Jammy Jams covers it all! When baby is restless in the middle of the night and those minutes seem to Creep by, make things Easy, and soothe your baby to sleep with the sounds of Jammy Jams.
Track Listing:

1. Black Hole Sun (originally by Soundgarden)
2. Creep (originally by Stone Temple Pilots)
3. A Girl Like You (originally by Edwyn Collins)
4. Champagne Supernova (originally by Oasis)
5. In The Meantime (originally by Spacehog)
6. Friday I’m In Love (originally by The Cure)
7. Easy (as performed by Faith No More)
8. About A Girl (originally by Nirvana)
9. Possum Kingdom (originally by Toadies)
10. Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons (originally by Pixies)

(*Bold are my favorites) I love 90s grunge/alternative. Really, I love music in general, but I'm especially partial to 90s grunge. As such, I was super excited to listen to Jammy Jams Lullabylooza. We listen to Jammy Jams and Rockabye baby on Pandora fairly regularly, but it's different being able to play a whole album. It's great for some background music while I'm trying to get the girls to settle down.

Just a note that I thought was obvious, but it appears not to be to some...this is a lullaby album. IE, soft, soothing, instrumental music (per the FAQ, "Most commonly used are the vibraphone, marimba, xylophone, piano, and wood blocks"). No words (could you imagine the actual lyrics to these songs being sung as a lullaby???) and nothing heavy or particularly loud.

I did find myself singing along, though. I love that the songs something my kids can listen to over and over without driving me crazy...because they're songs I enjoy, but in a format that won't get them worked up!
They also carry various other genres, and I'm sure they'll be adding more, so you'll probably find something you'd like.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.