Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Menu Plan Monday Apr 1- 7

...I had this all typed up yesterday, I just haven't taken the pictures of my camera yet so I never posted. I'll just edit later.

There was a mishap....with the potatoes for the tots, sooooo the burgers and tots has been moved to this week :]

Last Week Highlights:

Excuse my poor, beat up slow cooker with some special touches.... it's had a rough life. The rotisserie style chicken...oh my goodness. When it was warm, it was amazing. I made the mistake of letting it cool in the juices, though and it became rather dry and very citrus-y. I still ate it anyway :p mmmm....

On the Menu this week:

Tuesday - April Fools Special
Wednesday - burgers & cheddar tater tots
Thursday - sandwich/leftover night
Friday - Tomato Basil Pasta
Saturday - Chicken Milanese with Arugula Salad
Sunday - Tender-crisp spring braise
Monday - Vegetable-Polenta Lasagna

If there are recipes for the week, I will have them pinned here.

And then I will move them here with a review after I've tried them.

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