Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Preschool Goals for Miss O

We have a list on the wall right now that is basically copied from Mud Hut Mama with minor changes, and it's a great list, but I wanted to update and share it. I really love her categories, though I left off play, because that happens....pretty much all of the rest of the time haha.

Literacy and Language Arts:
Read and discuss stories; who, what, why, how...
Create books
Recognize rhyming words
Identify a few common words
Writing letters, upper and lowercase
Syllable recognition

Cognitive Skills and Math:
Count objects one at a time (goal to 20)
Counting numbers 14-19 and transitioning to the next 10 (30, 40, 50..)
Identify more complex shapes (hexagon, octagon...)
Work with calendar and clock
Number sequencing

Science and Nature Studies:
Keep an eye on our growing garden, discuss plant parts, what keeps them healthy
Keep a field journal for science experiments and discoveries
Discuss the seasonal/environmental reasons for [most] holidays we celebrate

Art and Music:
Draw people with body parts
Draw shapes with defined corners
Crafts that make use of fine motor skills
Identify and create instruments
Sing, dance, listen to, and create music

Life Skills:
Independence getting dressed and undressing, putting on shoes, washing in the bath, and properly brushing teeth
Recycling and care of environment
Simple chores, including cleaning up after self and putting away clothes in drawers
Help prepare meals and snacks and clean up
Street safety

Computer Skills:
Type name
Open and close a program

Simple maps and land forms
Postcard exchange?