Monday, April 7, 2014

What "Clean Eating" means for me

I am putting this up so I can link back to it as a reference for anyone who my be interested when I menu plan.  Anywho, ever since I found out about my first pregnancy, I've made a serious effort to eat better. I went from being a major couponer to a health freak. Granted, I'm still cheap, so sometimes the numbers are pretty painful. Still, I figure feeding my family well is worth it.

What is Clean Eating?

Honestly, it depends who you ask. Essentially though, it's avoiding anything processed (white flour, refined sugar, most pre-packaged food..).  Buy organic whenever possible, especially the Dirty Dozen and meats. Shop the primarily the outer aisles of the grocery store. If buying pre-packaged foods I make sure the ingredient list is short and pronounceable. Stick to whole grains.

But why?

I don't want chemicals and frankenfoods in my kids' diet. GMOs are scary. I don't care what the FDA has to say about it....if the stuff you're putting on my food requires a mask in the process, why on earth would it be ok to eat??

 I do want my girls eating nutrient dense, healthy things. Real food.

So why did I choose to eat clean rather than paleo? I like dairy and grains. A LOT. I also hate bananas and coconut. So....paleo just isn't for me. Not that a lot of the recipes aren't fantastic, just that I need real pasta....and butter....and cheese. Mmm cheese...PIZZA! Sorry, but paleo and pizza just don't work. Not an honest to goodness pizza, at least. Got on a tangent, sorry, where was I?

Oh yes, well, I do cheat a little. I use sugar. Not a whole lot....we don't have a lot of sweets. When we do, I definitely use real sugar, though. I also am not a fan of brown rice.

I do let them (well, Miss O, at least... Miss Em isn't quite there yet) have a little "junk" when we are at a party or something. I try not to buy it myself, though.

Alright... that's why I do what I do. How about you?