Monday, April 14, 2014

Ash's Menu Plan Monday Apr 15-22

I planted my sprouts a few days ago....and then found out it's going to freeze tomorrow night. Lovely. Well, here's hoping everything survives.
The girls' 4th and 1st birthday party is this weekend. Oi....I don't think I'm ready.

Anywho, here's what we've got going on for dinner this week. I try to keep it pretty Clean.

On the Menu this week:

Tuesday - wing it
Wednesday - potluck/playdate
Thursday - sandwich/leftovers - Soccer night
Friday - chicken and spinach pasta bake
Saturday - slow cooker chicken cheesesteaks - party day
Sunday - super stuffed potatoes
Monday - crispy fish sticks & green beans

If there are recipes for the week, I will have them pinned here.

And then I will move them here with a review after I've tried them.

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