Saturday, March 29, 2014

April Fools Day Menu Special

It's no secret, I enjoy food. I figure, what better day to play with my food than April Fools??? Most of this will be...very much adjusted or completely replaced for the littlest.

Breakfast: Pizza Pancakes
I have a good size skillet I can make this work in....Some definite topping changes to suit our taste though. Like strawberry sauce. And white chocolate for "cheese"

Story Time Snack: Brownie Burgers.
I've seen several of these around...but none exactly what I want. So, I'll make some brownies, cut them out with a glass or something to the size I want. Buns will be some sort of cookie. Strawberry jam for ketchup. Yellow gel icing for mustard. Gold sugar sprinkles for sesame seeds

Lunch: Jello Juice, "tomato soup" vanilla pudding, fruit
More of a snack bc lunch is usually pretty late when we have story time. Knox & fruit juice for the jello.

Dinner: Mashed Potato Cookieszucchini nuggets, not sure about real meat yet? I don't want to do meatloaf cupcakes...

Dessert: Cocoa krispies meatloaf, ice cream mashed potatoes with caramel gravy, taffy broccoli 
Will make the krispies with Koala Krisp by Nature's Path