Sunday, March 16, 2014

Preschool Week 1

Let's get this school thing started!! I've decided to incorporate what we're covering in story time...I will have to alter it slightly though because this week at story time was our St Patrick's Day party, and I will be doing St Patrick's as well as Ostara related things next week, as that's when they are. Which left this week kind of up in the air as far as theme. So, since we have been working on Miss O writing her first name without visual aid for Head Start, I thought we'd just do more around that this week while we got started.  We didn't do a lot, just getting a feel for this school thing.

Daily this week: write name, practice problem letters, discuss our street name, read books. computer/screen time (nick jr, reading eggs, etc) here and there

(Will add pictures later)

Monday: Head Start teacher came - worked on car and street safety, puzzles, and counting

Tuesday: Story Time at the library - Letter bingo, door hanger craft.

Wednesday: me book, legos

Thursday: number 7 activities, feelings, signs for feelings

Friday: Head Start Learn & Play, did a preschool assessment from Marie and Me Learning

So next week, I'm looking at five senses, St Patrick's day, and Spring/Ostara