Sunday, March 23, 2014

Preschool Week 2

Alright, I really hope as it is now officially spring, the weather will stabilize...a little. I want to be outside!!

I found a nifty little resource. Teachers Notebook. Free to sign up, all sorts of lessons, activites, teaching aids...probably the majority of them are for purchase, but there are so many freebies! I think this will make it easier for me.

Daily stuff: Practice writing name, introduce house number, color. Computer/screen time as seen fit.

Monday: Head Start instructor came out - feelings puzzles and games, one was a memory game and she did pretty well. Good at identifying feelings, but can't explain how she can tell. Colored a rainbow. Worksheet - traced letter L and identified things that start with L. Feelings faces on shamrocks.

Miss Em wanted to color, also!

Tuesday: Story Time at the Library - Read about caterpillars, made a caterpillar puppet.
Outlined a picture to help her stay in the lines

Wednesday: Make up day for Head Start - matched lowercase to capital letters, self portrait with parts of body.

Thursday: Dyed eggs, did some climbing at the park, made bread. Ostara story and coloring/counting sheets from Pooka Pages

Friday: Found this book at Dollar Tree, doing some work in it. Cut and glue practice.