Sunday, July 6, 2014

Finding new Doctors...avoiding crises

I received a letter in the mail about change to our insurance options. Fine, whatever. Figure I'll just pick whichever one and move on.

Or not.

I log on to choose one. The girls' doctor is not showing up. Ok, maybe it's because she's not taking new patients. I should be able to call and let the insurance know we're already her patients, right?

"Would you like me to search for another doctor?" the lady asks.

What? No, I want my doctor. I don't want  a new one that I might not like as much. Minor panic. I say I'll research and decide another time. Narrowed it down to three options and was going to call them with a list of questions.

But first...guess I should call and cancel Miss Em's next appointment and see what my doctor thought of my options. Shortly realized that this should have been the first call I made. The receptionist assured me they would be accepting one of my insurance options soon and I should call back to get the number for my insurance. I still need to do that. Slacker.

Still, it got me thinking. With Miss O I got really, really lucky...I hadn't really considered my parenting "style" at that point. I based my choice of doctor on my insurance provider and how close it was. We ended up with a really great doctor. She's easy going and willing to work with me when I want to change things up.

Knowing where I fit now, somewhere on the looser end of attachment parenting, this is what I would ask a new doctor (of course there may be follow ups based on answers):

  • Are you supportive of families that cosleep?
  • What would you recommend for babies that cry when put to bed at night? Toddlers that wake at night?
  • How do you recommend dealing with a tantrum?
  • What are your thoughts on babywearing?
  • Do you feel babies should be fed/sleep on a schedule? Wean by a certain time?
  • How do you feel about alternative medicine?
  • Are you supportive of families that choose to delay or not vaccinate?
  • Do you have separate sick and well waiting rooms?
  • What is the scheduled time length between appointments?
  • How long do patients typically wait?
  • How long do you typically spend in the exam room?

What questions did/would you have for your new doctor?